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PROWARE provides nationally recognized case management software solutions since 1989 including 2 of 12 model Courts.


With over 30 years in case management software experience, PROWARE has the expertise to help your organization thrive.


Our team of highly talented individuals are constantly enhancing our software to ensure we deliver the best product possible.


PROWARE continues to expand our mobile offerings to better serve our customers' needs. Mobile applications for iOS and Android.


PROWARE offers customized tools and solutions to meet the unique needs of our customers.


PROWARE’s support includes Toll-Free calls, remote assistance, on-site, and even 24/7 depending on the needs of your agency.



With over 30 years in the justice case management business offering solutions from the small to the large, PROWARE has the experience to help your justice agency become efficient and successful in information management.

From simple to the most complex needs, PROWARE has the expertise and solutions to assist. Working with court administration, facility superintendents, probation administrators, clerks, and jurists, PROWARE has built a wealth of flexibility into our solutions. Once you tap into these features, you’ll wonder how you ever managed to operate without them.




Specialized solutions for Civil, Criminal, Domestic, Juvenile, Probate, and Clerk’s offices. Easily enter and track case information, schedule events, notify case participants, and generate Journal Entries, all recorded via the official docket.


Allows participants to submit new cases or file on existing cases. Tracks progress of filing and accepts electronic payment. All data and images are presented to Clerk’s office for review and approval. Optional filing of proposed orders directly to Jurist queue for review/approval.


Supports various methods for notices/service, including e-mail, USPS interfaces, FedEx interfaces, and postcards or trifold mailers depending on the needs of the organization.


Images are imported from e-filing, or via automated CMS processes, or can be scanned in electronically. All images are indexed in CMS and then stored on image servers or in the database. PROWARE has integrated with Kofax Express, Kofax Capture, and Kofax Atalasoft products.


CMS has a fully integrated solution that tracks all costs and payments associated with a case. It includes a General Ledger to track all transactions by account, bond tracking, restitution processing, billing, accounts payable, and bank reconciliation. This robust system allows Clerk’s staff to handle all their daily, monthly, and yearly financial processing needs.


CMS provides Jurists with the workflow queues necessary to process information electronically thus eliminating the old school paper basket. Sometimes referred to as Clerk in the Courtroom (CIC) or Paper on Demand, these modules make it easy for Jurists to review, approve and apply their signature electronically to documents in workflow.


Fully integrated with CMS, the probation/supervision module tracks all pertinent information for each probationer, including assessments & testing, programs assigned, PO notes, drug test results, reporting dates, biometric kiosk check-in, restitution tracking and much more. PO caseloads and supervisor reporting is also provided.


The residential & detention components of CMS are everything a facility needs. Easily track a large amount of data on each individual including admissions/releases, assessments, room assignments, clothing, room checks, meal counts, medical activity, behavior & group activities, and visitation. There are dashboards to quickly identify head counts, major incident reporting modules, and shift log tracking for efficient management.


CMS has a wide range of reporting options including hundreds of standard form/letters that are integrated into CMS but can be customized. There are management reports for tracking case progress, financial reports for auditing needs, standard reports to meet state guidelines, and administrator reports for specific areas. Plus, courts can write their own ad-hoc reports using popular 3rd party tools.


PROWARE provides several mobile applications to assist with case processing and reporting. The Sheriff mobile service solution allows deputies to track services delivered using a Microsoft SurfacePro, the JCS mobile app (Android) allows detention staff to track medicine delivered, meal counts, and room checks electronically, and the eCase mobile application (iOS & Android) allows attorneys to track cases and receive alerts when items are posted to the docket.


This module allows Probationer to do their monthly reporting at a Kiosk in the suburbs, instead of having to travel downtown to the probation office. It has a biometric check built-in, photo capture, and series of questions the probationer answers. All this information is reported to the PO the next day for follow-up.


PROWARE has a module designed specifically for the Sheriff’s office to assist them in tracking foreclosure sales and service delivery. This module can be standalone or integrated with CMS. The weekly sheriff sales are tracked and posted to the website for everyone to see. Payments, order of sale, and associated paperwork are all tracked with the module making it much easier to handle the large volume of foreclosure sales or service that have to be delivered.


"PROWARE's personal touch, attention to detail, integrity and competence have helped us manage a great deal of information efficiently. We recommend them without reservation when it comes to crafting information systems in the justice field."

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"I can truly say that we have enjoyed our business relationship with PROWARE. They go the extra mile, continue to work to improve the product and willingly accept suggestions from their users. The product itself has been very beneficial to our day-to-day certification audits. It is with no hesitation that I happily recommend their service."

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